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Standardize BIM management processes. NIKA BIM & DC Management will be your biggest supporter from start to finish.

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You can obtain all BIM services related to new generation construction project management from a single center. More profitable, more faster, more professional.

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Use all the benefits of technology. Mirror your project in the virtual environment and resolve all errors and defects at the first stage.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a combination of methods, processes and advanced softwares that enable interdisciplinary teamwork by using digital technologies.

Architectural and construction companies using BIM for construction of sustainable housing under programs such as sustainable urban renewal and revealing modern and people-oriented design solutions along with capacity to develop.

By increasing its competitiveness in the 21st century, construction shifts from a worker-based sector to a knowledge – based sector approach. Therefore, to reach the level of developed economies and state targets, construction sector has to develop working principles and knowledge-based capacity.

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Digital construction, also known as construction technology or construction informatics, refers to the use of digital tools, technologies, and processes in the construction industry to enhance efficiency, collaboration, and overall project outcomes.

Digital construction aims to address challenges in the industry, such as cost overruns, project delays, and communication issues, by leveraging advanced technologies. The goal is to enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, and deliver high-quality construction projects.

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What does Nika BIM & Digital Construction do?

We are at the forefront of the new generation of digital project management. Our primary focus is on providing cutting-edge technology, advanced digital tools, and innovative processes to empower our clients in the construction industry.

What do we mainly provide?

Our expert consultants guide you through the intricacies of BIM, ensuring seamless integration and optimal utilization for your projects. Our Core Offerings: Digital Project Management, Cutting-Edge Technologies, BIM Digital Tools, Customized Consultation

Why you should choose us?

Experience innovation like never before with our dynamic approach to digital project management. We bring the latest technologies directly to your fingertips, ensuring your projects are at the forefront of industry standards. Say goodbye to delays and cost overruns, and welcome a new era of streamlined processes and improved project outcomes.


Higher Engineering

The high civil engineering and architectural capacity in our team is at your service.

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Advanced Experience

Fully compatible working capacity and advantages from hundreds of projects.

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MEGA Projects

You can see Nika Management's signature in the leading projects of the countries.

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Quality Assurance

We maintain rigorous quality assurance standards to ensure that deliverables meet the highest quality benchmarks.

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NIKA BIM & DC Management

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Advance BIM and Digital Construction processes in construction projects from a single center. Access all the services you need with a single phone call. Our expert team is always with you.

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+10 Years of Quality and Successful Projects

We offer services to all BIM needs in large projects with our superior engineering services. The high capacity of our expert team will help your projects progress flawlessly.

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We provide modern technology solutions services and digital construction management services to deliver projects on time and under budget.

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We are one of the fastest-growing Digital Project Management BIM firms in the franchise construction industry. We have worked with over 80+ leading franchise brands and completed over 80+ projects across multiple sectors. We pride ourselves on having a fast turn around while providing cost-effective solutions.

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